There's Always A Way...

>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am just amazed at how perfect God's timing is. He has always worked in ways when you least expect it. And I am just thankful because He has answered our prayers yet again. Even if we sometimes fail to give thanks and praise, His love is steadfast. Even if we stumble and fall, He still leads us back to the right path. Even if we sometimes become too comfortable with our lives and forget that all these came from him, He didn't stop providing for us. I am writing this in testimony that indeed, with God, nothing is impossible. He always works in ways that we never thought possible. And when God works, it's always for the BEST.

Shame on me who sometimes doubts whether things can be done or not. God has yet again knocked in my heart, making me realize that for as long as put our entire faith in Him, nothing is possible. There will always be a way. God will make a way. He is the way.

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