Children's Clothing Free At Last!

>> Monday, June 21, 2010

What to wear to the slumber party, the swimming pool, the sixth grade picnic? What says, "look at me!" and, "I'm too cool to care" at the same time? So many questions for the young fashionista...

It used to be that children didn't have any say in the matter of what they wore. In fact, until the late 1800's, there really was no such thing as children's clothing. Parents dressed up their children like miniature versions of themselves, in tight, uncomfortable garments that limited their movement and labeled their place in society. Young boys in Little Lord Fauntleroy suits reflected daddy's formal wear and his oh-so-important social status. Little girls in stiff lace and petticoats sat still and upright like mama.

Today's kids have broken free. It's all about comfort, casual and COOL. Little boys will wear shorts or jeans with plenty of room to move. Cargo pants, athletic shorts, or classics in plaid, solids and camouflage are all popular with the jungle gym set. Add a tee, polo or button-down shirt and Zach is ready to go. Hoodies, sneakers, or Van's skate shoes and he's outta here. It's a brave new world, mama, and we gotta run...

Girls love to express themselves in layers of multicolored t-shirts, camisoles, shawls and scarves. And it's her choice: skirt or trousers--or why not both? For the slender young filly with long legs, it's a fun and funky combo. Or wear opaque tights with crazy patterns for another bold look. And underneath those skirts, how about classic Mary Janes or brightly colored rain boots? There's no rule but cool, and the more fun the better!

No doubt mom and dad will still have an influence on their child's look. There are children's clothing lines in surfer, preppy, vintage, and even couture styles. But when it comes to freedom in fashion, you've come a long way, baby!

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