>> Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1. It is your attitude at the beginning of a task more than anything else that will determine your success or failure.

2. It is your attitude towards life that will determine life's attitude towards you. Despite many people's belief to the contrary, life pays no favorites.

3. You control your attitude. If you are negative it is because you have decided to be negative and not because of other people or circumstances.

4. Act as if you have a good attitude. Remember actions trigger feelings just as feelings trigger actions.

5. Before a person can achieve the kind of results he wants, he must first become that person. He must then think, walk, talk, act and conduct himself in all of his affairs, as would the person he wishes to become.

6. Treat everybody as the most important person in the world.

7. Attitudes are based on assumptions. In order to change attitudes one must first change one's assumptions.

8. Develop the attitude that there are more reasons why you should succeed than reasons why you should fail.

9. When you are faced with a problem, adopt the attitude that you can and will solve it.

10. We become what we think about. Control your thoughts and you will control your life.

11. Radiate the attitude of confidence, of well being, of a person who knows where he is going. You will then find good things happening to you right away.

12. In order to develop a good attitude, take charge first thing in the morning. Do say, "Good morning, GOD" or "Good GOD, morning?"


Help Save Baby Ric Andrei

>> Friday, December 3, 2010

I was moved by my fellow blogger and marce Jade of Life of A Filipina Blogger's blog post about her nephew Baby Ric Andrei and so I am posting it here in the hope that it will reach the greater Christian online community. 

Baby Ric Andrei is a premature baby. His Mommy had pre-eclampsia and so he had to come out prematurely (at 7 months) into this world via Caesarian delivery. Baby Andrei must stay in an incubator for a month and because of this, the hospital bill is getting higher. The family is estimating the total cost to be more than 1 million pesos ( USD 25,000).

Let us all pray for the fast recovery of Baby Andrei and his mom. And if you truly want to make someone happy this Christmas, your prayers and any monetary donation that you can give will be very much appreciated by the family.

Below is a copy of the letter of the parents to their family and friends:

Thank you for those who have prayed, for those who have helped us and who are willing to help us more in the most difficult stage of our life struggling between life and death… Our baby boy Ric Andrei is still fighting in the ICU at Zulekha hospital in Dubai and until now we still don’t have enough money to cover all the expenses which may be up to 1 million in pesos or more… we hope that there are more kindhearted people who will help us and thank you for those who are continuously supporting us…

And we are praying that the baby will be fine sooner…all your prayers are indeed badly needed and any financial assistance even small amount will be a great help for us… for any help you can spare us here is the bank account:

1. Bank Name- EmiratesNBD Bank
2. Account Number # 1102456650001
3. Account Name/ Title – Ricter Lim Calixto
4. Swift Code – EBILAEAD
5. Bank Address – EmiratesNBD PJSC P.O.Box 777 Dubai, U.A.E.

You can also send your donations to the paypal account of Ric Andrei’s mom:

God bless you all for your PRAYER Offerings and for your monetary help!

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