My Little Girl's Imaginary Friend

>> Saturday, January 22, 2011

Does your child ever talk about someone very fondly but you don't know of? Chances are, your child has an imaginary friend.

I really am enjoying the stage where my little girl is right now. She has come to have an imaginary friend she calls "Baby" and she usually comes out before we go to bed or everytime we come inside the bedroom. It started a few weeks back when husband and I decided to be strict on our little girl's TV-time. We have observed that she had been watching too much cartoons since the Christmas break and it was getting difficult to get her to sleep at night so we had to firm with her. Thankfully, it worked thanks to Baby. She was actually the one who imagined "Baby" and she would take care of her as if it were her own child. Before we sleep, she would change Baby's diapers, telling me, "Mommy, Baby Kaka macht." Kaka means poop and macht means made or did. She would make faces as she removes the diapers, an indication that for her, the poop stinks and it really is so funny. Then she would lay the Baby on her pillow and then pretend that she is setting the dining table in time for lunch. This scene is familiar to her from the Kindergarten so I can make the connection.

If ever your child has an imaginary friend, just let her be. It is part of their growing up and is an indication that your child is very creative. It could be a venue for you to understand how her mind works too, if you only observe at how she relates to her imaginary friend. Don't contradict your child by saying "stop pretending". Nor should you go all the way and include her imaginary friend in your world. Just let her enjoy the company of her friend; she'll probably grow out of this common childhood phase by around age 5.


CC: Why Are Bad Habits Hard To Break?

>> Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Now there's a good question that has got me really thinking hard. Why, indeed are bad habits hard to break? I do believe that it all depends on the individual's resolve to break such a bad habit. If you are really serious in changing that something that is not helpful and healthy in your relationship, then you would by all means rid it out of your system, by hook or by crook.

One of my bad habits is spending too much time in front of the computer and not really getting anything serious done. That's because there are lots of distractions. Facebook is one of them. So if I really have deadlines to meet, I do not open my Facebook account until I am done with my online tasks. And if I want to do something other than doing my online tasks, I try to keep away from the "office room".

Bad habits are hard to break because we do not look at them as bad in the first place. We always tend to find an excuse, petty excuses at that,  for doing them, like the reason "I just want to relax for a while so I want to connect with my friends online" or "It's just a treat for myself." Sometimes though, we forget the essentials like quality time, communicating in the real sense of the word, and prioritizing.  If we learn how to prioritize and know what's really important to us, then breaking bad habits won't be as hard as we thought it would be.

Rodliz’s Nest


CC: Our Old Bad Habits

>> Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It has been a while since I last joined Couple's Corner. Since I am still on vacation, I might as well make good use of my free by updating my blogs. I have been neglecting this one for some time now and have also been missing months posting for this lovely meme, Couple's Corner. Since it is also the New Year, I would like to do things right by regularly joining the memes hosted by my Marces and also updating my blogs on a regular basis (fingers crossed!)"

The Year 2010 is definitely over and as I still enjoy the first few days of the year  2011 in blissful rest and spending it with the family, I am also given the chance to look back to the year that was, thanks to this Wednesday's theme: Our Old Bad Habits. Indeed, it is the good old "bad" habits that are hard to break and me and Hubby have some of those that I hope will be corrected and turned into a strength.

You all know me as the OC type and one of my bad habits is that when I want something done, I want them done PRONTO! This has been a source of little LQs and I hope I could be more patient this year. I also have this tendency to forget what I am actually supposed to do and so I end up starting lots of things but never managing to finish even a single one. This leads to Hubby not finding his socks at the closet and his shirts still all crumpled. In other words, I am easily distracted and this is the reason why I am oftentimes late. While I take pride in myself for not being an impulsive buyer anymore, I still find it hard to say NO if my Hubby wants to buy something for the house. So we end up broke in the process.

What of my Hubby? I don't know if I should be publishing this but let't just say he is like any other husband who loves to leave things where they please, especially on top of the kitchen sink. He also has this tendency to not stop researching for something online, comparing prices and product features until he can reach a decision and he could not sleep for some days unless he has already bought it. He likes the house clean but he doesn't like to see me all busy cleaning the house when he is around. Which leaves me with the question, "how am I supposed to clean on days when he is not around especially now that I also have classes?" 

Oh well, I hope we could both work something out. After all, it will always be the two of us until the day Our Heavenly Father will take us away from this world.

Here's hoping that no matter what the differences we wives and our hubbies have, we will remain strong in love and will always try to work things out. Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year!

Rodliz’s Nest

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