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>> Friday, March 25, 2011

Wouldn't it be great if you could save as much as you can on any item that you buy? I have always known that products that are nicely displayed in shops are priced higher than those that are being sold directly. But of course, buying direct and buying from local shops have their own benefits and disadvantages. What if you buy eyeglasses then? Would you rather buy them from a local optical shop or buy them online?

For all of you who are using eyeglasses and are considering on buying your next pair, then I would recommend Zenni Optical. You must have been hearing a lot about this online store that sells prescription glasses at a very cheap price. Would you believe the cheapest pair would cost you only $6.95? You better!

How can you get your eyeglasses for cheap? All you need to do is an updated prescription from your optometrist and your PD or pupillary distance if you want to order prescription glasses from Zenni Optical. You can also order eyeglasses without a prescription just because you want to include it in your wardrobe. If I were you, I would order multiple pairs at once because the shipping fee is only $4.95, regardless of how many pairs you order at one time. With about 5,000 frames of different colors, size and frames to choose from, you can choose a pair that will suit every mood and occasion. If you don't believe what I am talking about, you might as well check the article and video here.

I want to say this again, Zenni Optical is your smart choice when it comes to eyeglasses. Now, let me upload my own photo and try on some of the frames. I want to order a few pairs even if my opthalmologist has said that my eyes are fine. Just because. :D 

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