What I Like (and Don't Like) in Coffee Shops

>> Friday, April 26, 2013

I love coffee and enjoy going coffee shop hopping. There is just something about coffee that makes my day. It is not just the coffee though, it is also the ambience in the coffee shop, the furnishings, the layout, the perks that they offer.

I love coffee shops that are spacious and airy, with tables and chairs and bar stools so arranged in a manner that allows free flow and unobstructed movement of the customers and the shop crew. I love contemporary design so I would really opt for a coffee shop that has contemporary bar stools for when I want to enjoy my coffee alone and couches that will not "swallow" you when I have company. I would love it if the stool has a back rest that is neither too high nor too low so that I could also lean if I want to, and has a foot rest, adjustable height and can be swivelled 360° for a more relaxing sit. Something just like the Harmony bar stool.

I love it when the main entrance of the coffee shop has an impression of inviting to it... I don't mind if the shop's busy but I just don't like it if I have to wait for some 10-15 minutes for my coffee or line up to order one. Call me lazy but I like it better if a waiter comes to take my order. :)

Of course, I would prefer if the coffee shop offers free WIFI to its customers. Most coffee shops already do. It would also be great if charging your laptop or other gadgets is free of charge but I would understand if some coffee shops charge you for a certain fee. After all, electricity is an expensive commodity and if you are only going to order a cup of coffee and stay at the coffee shop for hours on end, the shop could go bankrupt because of high operating costs.

I also like the fact that some coffee shops now have a point systems or memberships that allow its loyal customers to enjoy discounts and perks.



A Friend-ly Gathering

>> Thursday, April 25, 2013

It has been four years (or maybe more!) since I last saw my beautiful friends from the university and so when the chance came for us to meet, we didn't let the chance pass us by. I also wanted to hand over the shoe box of pens and pencils I have collected from my friends and classmates at graduate school in Germany for our little project Pens of Hope in Davao, so it was just the perfect timing.

© Photo by Mervz Mosqueda via Facebook
The little girl decided to lie down while waiting for my friends to arrive.
It was a Saturday and we decided to meet at Yellow Hauz, a quaint coffee shop in Davao City. While waiting, me and little girl ordered some refreshments. After a few minutes, Kikit and her hubby Dan, arrived carrying snorkel gear... They just came from a day of snorkeling at Paradise Beach Resort at the Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCoS). It must have been very nice to be with schools of fish, I so envy them.. Hehehe! 

A smile and a shoe box full of hope!
© Photo by Claire Apigo Guillano via Pens of Hope Page on Facebook
Anyway, before we forgot, we handed over our shoe box of pens and pencils and Kikit asked to make a souvenir shot with my little girl as the model.

After three pots of hot tea, two other girl friends, Ate Tess and Shugar (along with Sweet, her little girl) arrived. It was almost time for dinner to we transfered to Matina Town Square and opted to dine at Kanto bar and restaurant.

THANK YOU for the wonderful time! Until next time...
© Photo by Claire Apigo Guillano via Facebook
Indeed, it was a wonderful evening filled with sensible talk, laughter and wonderful company. It may have been years but it is heartwarming to know that the friendship remains. Even if we grow in numbers (family members are always welcome in the group) and we live far apart, it makes me smile to know that when we come home again, we have another family to come home to... our SICO family. :)

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