How to Manage Your Prescription List

>> Monday, June 21, 2010

After a visit to the doctor for a slight illness or a regular checkup, you may be handed a prescription list of medications to get filled before heading back home. This list will often include medications to help manage any current conditions, along with a measure of preventative medications to keep you well. The first step in deciding how to handle this prescription list is where to get the items filled at. There are many legitimate online pharmacies which can save in price depending on your situation, as well as a multitude of pharmacies and other vendors, often found in grocery stores, that offer varied prices.

While some brand name medications have fixed prices, insurance or assistance from the pharmaceutical companies themselves may be able to help with these. For generics, many grocery store pharmacy outlets offer a discounted co-pay with insurance or even a discounted price for those without insurance. Once the prescriptions have been filled, it's important to manage your medication intake to assist in ensuring the medications are taken on schedule; this is especially important if there are numerous medications.

Purchasing a pill organizer is certainly a helpful step—especially for those early morning or late night medications when you may not want to be bothered with too much hassle. If you're taking medications from two or more doctors, even for completely different reasons, you will want to double-check the medication compatibility with your pharmacist. Make sure you're speaking with a doctor or pharmacist with a full list of medications from all sources to ensure the types of pills and amounts are safe with one another. Be sure to also check with any food interactions related with medicines; grapefruit is a known react with certain types of products and can cause undesirable interactions.

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