Friendships Never End

>> Monday, June 21, 2010

Last weekend, a good friend of ours visited us for the weekend. We knew him from college and we were involved in the same organizations. He is connected with the Australian National University where he is taking up his Ph.D. and is doing medical research. He is "on tour" to give a talk in various medical universities all over Europe and he decided to drop by since it's on the way. He came with a friend and it was nice to see an old face again. 

It was raining last Saturday morning when we fetched them at Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Stuttgart Main Train Station). We had breakfast at home and let them stretch and refresh. Thankfully, it stopped raining in the afternoon and so we were able to show them around the city. Our itinerary: visit to the Mercedes Benz museum, walk around downtown Stuttgart and show them some of the popular landmarks, drop by the vineyards, stop by Porsche Museum, Filipino dinner at home.

It was an eventful day and I am hopeful that they enjoyed their stay with us. Dinner was quite long but worthwhile. We caught up with each other's lives over green mungo soup and shrimps, rice, two bottles of wine and ice cream for dessert. I can say that it was a long day but a great one nonetheless. 

Truly, no matter how far we may have gone, no matter where fate may have taken us, friends will always be friends.

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