Summer Dresses for My Little One

>> Monday, June 21, 2010

I just discovered an online shop that is exclusively for children. I love the colors and the designs of the dresses for girls, they are just perfect for my little one. It's called Tea Collection and below are just some of the dresses that I would love to get for my little girl.

The sandals are very colorful, lightweight and made of leather. Just perfect for hot summer days and for play because it allows the feet to breathe. You wouldn't have to worry about the leather getting wet because it is waterproof. Cool eh?

But I know I have to stop myself and wait for my PIL (parents in law) to arrive on Thursday, June 24. I ask Nanay and my mom to buy some summer clothes and foot wear for my little girl and they already that they bought lots for her. So there's no need for me buy these dresses and foot wear just yet. I just have to be patient and wait till they arrive. It's only three more days and they will finally be here. I am excited. I know they are too.

And I am thankful that we will be seeing family again after a while. Thank God for willing it.

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