Oral Health, Is It Necessary?

>> Monday, July 26, 2010

I just got back from the dentist today. I had my first dental appointment after my dentist recommended that I undergo an intensive oral hygiene program because I suffer from periodontis. Today was the first of four appointments that I have. My second appointment will be in August.

My last visit to the dentist was a little over two years ago before I had my little girl. I do brush my teeth regularly but I must admit, I do it half-heartedly and in a fast manner. And I floss only when I feel like it, not knowing that doing so has put my oral health in jeopardy. Little do I know that my teeth and gums have been suffering from the inside. Until a toothache and a gum inflammation a few weeks ago, I wouldn't have known how important a regular visit to the dentist is.

So now I learned my lesson. I learned that we should take the time to brush our teeth and floss them. We should make time for it to properly remove the bacteria and to prevent plaque and tartar from forming. Because at the end of the day, when our teeth suffer, our whole body suffers. A simple toothache can be caused by an even deeper problem. So brush your teeth well, floss in between the teeth properly and use mouthwash for healthy teeth and gums. And yes, visit your dentist twice a year too! It's for your own good.

Wishing you all good health and a good week!


CC: Hobbies

>> Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This week's theme for Couple's Corner is all about HOBBIES.

I will start off with the things that we both love: traveling & watching movies. We both are wanderlusts and when we got married, we vowed that we will visit at least one place that we have never been to in a year. But that once a year turned to almost four times a year, which I admit has taken a big chunk on our savings. Another passion we both share is watching movies. We love to watch romantic comedies, sci-fi, fantasy adventure, drama, family-related movies... well, almost all genres. Hehe! We subscribed to a monthly DVD rental and wait for the DVD to arrive by post. We also purchase DVDs from time to time, if we really love the movie.

Individually, we also have our own hobbies. Hubby is into classical guitar and go karting. Although playing the guitar per se is an inexpensive hobby, his classical guitar is not! Hehe! But we bought it as a birthday gift this year so that we have a reason to purchase it. I think it cost €899 for the guitar alone, a little too expensive as a gift but worth it nonetheless because Hubby practices everyday and plays me great music like Canon in D, Marriage D'Amor, Spanish Romance, Wonderful Tonight, Tears in Heaven among others.

I on the other hand am into digital scrapbooking, reading books and blogging. I haven't done much digital scrapbooking and reading lately because most of my time is devoted to blogging. Perhaps it is no longer a hobby... this blogging thing. It is for a living. I do have a number of digital scrapbooking projects cooked up like finishing my little girl's photobook and putting together into yearbooks the three-years+ photos that we have accumulated since we became a family. I also have a number of book titles that I have been planning to purchase but just never got around to doing yet. While I know how to do needlecrafts, I did not dare get my hands on a project because I know that it will take eons before I finish them. Lol!

Want to know what the other couples have for hobbies? Check out Rodliz Nest today!

Rodliz’s Nest


Like A Sunflower

>> Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I recently came back from a one-week trip in France and I find the French countryside very appealing, with its endless fields of wheat and sunflowers and vineyards. Unfortunately for me, we didn't get to stay at the countryside so that I can only content myself with watching the landscape and taking some snaps when I can.

Each time we pass by sunflower fields on our road trips, I always remember this song that goes like this:
Like a sunflower that follows
Every moment of the sun,
So I turn towards You, to follow You my God.
In simplicity, charity I follow (2)
In simplicity, honesty I follow (2)
In simplicity, fidelity I follow (2)
Are you familiar with this song? It's kind of a spiritual song but it's simplicity allows one to learn it quite easily. I always find sunflowers to be cheerful, with its golden yellow color giving me a feeling of happiness.

And as you may all know, sunflowers have many uses. The seeds are mainly extracted for its edible oil. The seeds are also used as cereals, salad toppers and other culinary uses. It is also a good source of Vitamin E. Did you know that one serving of oil roasted sunflower seeds provides an individual with up to 76% of the daily requirement? Yes, it provides that much vitamin E. Aside from that, it is also a good source of healthy fats, protein, fiber, and plenty of other healthy benefits. It is also a good source of fiber so if you are having problems with your bowel movement, you can munch on those yummy sunflower seeds for a hearty snack!


4 Ways to Make Your Own Personalized Gift

>> Monday, July 19, 2010

To make your own personalized gifts, you might want to consider these four interesting techniques: make use of your skills and talents, make a practical assessment of your spare time, follow proper time management, and brainstorm for creative gift ideas.

Giving family and close friends personalized gifts is a great way to make them happy and feel important. Moreover, when you make your own customized gifts, they become even more special. Here are a few helpful tips so you know how to make your own presents for whatever type of occasion the requires a gift:

Make use of your skills and talents
Consider your talents and skills. If you are skillful in painting, then make a beautiful painting and frame it as your gift to someone special in your heart. If you are talented in composing songs, come up with a special song as your present. If you are very good in cooking and baking, make the favorite pastries and cookies that your recipient will truly enjoy.

Make a practical assessment of your spare time
Before deciding to make your own personalized gifts, make sure you have fully assessed the availability of your spare time so you can finish everything. If you intend to give goodies for Christmas, calculate how long it will take you to go to the store for the supplies, to bake them, and wrap every package. Otherwise, you might just end up having time only to buy your ingredients only and not enough time to bake anything at all. That is a waste of money.

Follow proper time management
Proper time management will make it possible for you to finish your entire gift-giving project without inducing stress on you. Ensure that making your own gifts is going to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for you. When you decide on a certain type of custom-made gifts, make a timetable for every specified task needed to accomplish everything. Follow your schedule, and you will surely achieve your goal.

Brainstorm for creative gift ideas
There are a hundred ideas on the types of gifts to make. Coming up with an excellent idea is so easy when you have fully organized your thoughts on what you want to give to someone. To guide you, here are a number of suggestions. It is up to you to determine which ones suit your time, money, capability, and, of course, the ones that your receiver will really appreciate.

* Make a photo calendar with your recipient’s photos.
* Make an apron for someone who enjoys cooking and baking. Make it more personal by adding his/her embroidered name on the front pocket.
* Make a poem about your loved one and print it on beautiful stationery.
* Bake your specialty pastries, wrap them with colorful food wrappers and place the creatively in a basket.
* Paint small terracotta pots and fill them with various cute items such as magnets, candles, and the like. You can make it more customized by adding the initials of your receiver on one side.
* Compile various favorite songs of your gift recipient in one CD, label it with the receiver’s name. Be sure to include the occasion too.
* Give the recipient a photo in a picture frame you decorated. You can decorate around the frame using beads and cutout letters to form her name.


CC: When We Were Sick

>> Thursday, July 15, 2010

I can say without any hesitation that I am as healthy as a horse because I am not a sickly person. And even if I am sick, I cannot afford to show weakness or be seen in bed unless I am totally ill because I have a little one who is dependent on me and a husband who does not need to go through more stress when he comes home from work. Even now that I have a toothache that seems to go on forever, I cannot afford to have a break. It is my personal choice. I am calling the dentist in 30 minutes to see if they can squeeze me in for a quick check up otherwise, I will have to tend to myself. But that doesn't mean that hubby doesn't take care of me. He does, when he really sees that I cannot bear the pain anymore. He would willingly look after our little girl and let me rest while he prepares food. After all, there's only the three of us here.

My hubby is asthmatic but we never really had problems with attacks when we were still in Japan. It came back full blast though when we moved here in Germany, especially in the winter season. When he is sick, I had to be strong for him. I don't know how it feels like when you have asthma but hearing his wheezing gives me goosebumps. We had to store up on his medication so that he could get fast relief when the attacks come. Although he could be a baby at times, he keeps to himself until he couldn't bear it any longer and asks for my help. I do take care of him and see to it that he is comfortable,and allow him ample time to rest.

It is very difficult to get sick when you have no one to turn to but yourselves so that it is important for us that we live a healthy lifestyle. I guess our only vice is not getting enough sleep because we watch movies or tv series until the wee hours of the morning. Our daily prayer - that we always be blessed with good health so that we can live our lives normally. And I am thankful because the Lord kept us away from sickness.

Rodliz’s Nest


Milan's Duomo

>> Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You must all be wondering where I have gone the last week. I know you haven't heard from me in a while and that's because we went out of town, sightseeing with my parents in law in Italy and France. No, it's not an extravagant vacation. We packed our meals, went from one city to another in our car, and booked promo hotel rooms.

The morning sun slowly peeking at us as we drove through Switzerland down to Italy.

So where did we go first? To the fashion and business capital of Italy of course! We were already on the road at 3:30AM and arrived at our hotel in Milan in the afternoon. After a little rest, we decided to go to the city center by public transport (metro) because most cities in Italy have a crazy traffic regulation. Surprisingly, we found Milan to be packed with Filipinos! Yes, anywhere we turn, we can see Filipinos. We have been to Venice and then to Rome but nothing compares to the number of Filipinos that we found in Milan.
Milan's Duomo in all its splendor and beauty.

When we got off the subway, the first thing that met our eyes was the beautiful view of the giant Duomo, Milan's hallmark and one of the largest Gothic churches in the world. What makes this church extraordinary is that it is crowned with 135 spires and innumerable statues and gargoyles.

The other side of the Duomo. Can you see the gargoyles?

We heard mass at 5:30PM and although it was said in Italian, it was very solemn. Only a few people attended the service though as most of the crowd were just there as tourists. I think in many grand Catholic churches in Europe, it is sad to note that most people come only to take photos and see the beauty of the mosaics and stained glass windows and the architecture and never really to go there to pray. I am not judging them though because these churches are indeed a sight to behold.

And of course, a souvenir family photo right in front of the Duomo.

So that was Day 1 of our trip. More stories to come in the coming days.

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