Visiting Lourdes, France

>> Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The city of Lourdes in France is one of the most frequented sanctuaries by Catholic pilgrims. It is famous the world over because it is where Our Lady appeared 18 times to Bernadette Soubirous. It was in 1858 when the apparitions happened in the Grotto of Massabielle. She revealed herself as the Immaculate Conception, asked that a chapel be built on the site of the vision, and told the girl to drink from a fountain in the grotto.

And so it is to this day that the Basilicas of the Holy Rosary and the Immaculate Concepcion have  been built at the site of the apparitions.  

Behind us are the Basilica of the Holy Rosary (on the ground level) and the 
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (directly above the Basilica of the Holy Rosary).

The scene of the apparition, a very beautiful mosaic found outside the Basilica of the Holy Rosary.

The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus, one of the 15 
awesome and wonderful mosaic renditions of the 
mysteries of the Holy Rosary found inside the Basilica.

No fountain was to be seen, but when Bernadette dug at a spot designated by the apparition, a spring began to flow. The water from this still flowing spring has shown remarkable healing power, though it contains no curative property that science can identify.

It was a very beautiful experience for the family. We collected water from the spring and placed them in small and big containers. We also drank directly from it, in the faith that we will be healed from our illnesses. The waters tasted great and was very cool despite the summer heat. It was indeed a very refreshing respite from a long day of traveling. Too bad we weren't able to dip in the pools. Perhaps next time, when time permits again, we can go back and visit the pools.

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