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>> Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is a very late entry. But I just had to publish this. Apologies to Marce Liz. I thought this was already published but it was still in my drafts. Sorry Marce!

The previous two days have been torture for me because I cannot use my computer. It has gone suddenly kaput and I haven't done any blogging since Tuesday. Hubby managed to fix it last night after how many attempts because I kept bugging him about it. And this is one thing that my hubby is good at. Fixing computers, both hardware and software. He just knows what to do with them. Hubby is also good at playing the guitar although he is not very good at singing. He hates dancing but he would dance just for the fun of it. I can even see him dancing with our little girl in Filipino gatherings lately.

I on the other hand have the talent for anything artistic although I am not good at choosing my own clothes. Lol! I can paint stuff and do crafts. I can sing fairly well too although my voice is not catchy. I love to sing for the church choir though despite that. I also know how to dance but I am also not very good at it. I used to dance well in my younger days but my bones and limbs are no longer as flexible as they used to be. Hihi! I also have the talent for catching a song's lyrics quickly so that I can already sing the chorus of a song the first time I hear it.

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Mommy Liz August 9, 2010 at 4:14 PM  

Mare, OKs lang na late, I still love it that you joined, mwahhhh!

mga guys yata nature na na marunong sa computers, I mean, di lahat ha, yung ibang may mga talento. What did you mean you don't know how to choose your own clothes? hehehe..baka pareho tayon, di marunong mag match ng outfits? Buti ka nga kumakanta, ako taga chiwariwariwap lang, hehehe. talented ka pala Marce..

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