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>> Saturday, August 14, 2010

I just realized that I have always been referring to my husband as Hubby in my CC posts. I am just not used to using his first name when referring to him online so I hope you understand the anonymity. Hehe! But in case you are all wondering, his name is Vincent.

Anyway, here I am again, a little too late for my CC entry. Marce Liz would have to kick me, hard this time, so that I would my entry on time. Lol!

No couple  is perfect. Our flaws and mistakes and our inequities are what make life more meaningful and exciting because they allow us to learn and grow from them. I have known my Hubby for almost 12 years now but we were only married for 3 years. Knowing him that long, I thought I already know him. I also thought that I know myself too well. Not until we started really living together as husband and wife did I realize our similarities and differences.

Hubby likes his coffee black while I like mine with a cube of sugar and fresh milk.
Hubby like to leave his clothes wherever but being the "neat freak that I am, I like to pick up after him.
Hubby likes to eat food that he is familiar with... I tend to be more adventurous and try new dishes.
When we eat outside, I sometimes like to order what he is having.
We both like movies and we watch at least one movie per week.
He likes to lie down on the couch while watching TV. I like to sit on the bean bag.
We both like to spend our free time going on road trips.
We both like ice cream and Japanese food.
When there's more than two viands on the table, I like to place small portions on my plate and eat them in a mixed manner. Hubby likes to eat one portion at a time. You will never see him "mixing" unless it is a big gathering.
Hubby likes sneakers and Timberland shoes. He likes his feet comfy because he drives a lot. I on the other love flats shoes.
When shopping for lingerie, Hubby likes to wait outside the shop or go somewhere else. He'll just come back when it's time to pay. :D
He likes his sawsawan spicy. I like mine plain although I sometimes dip in his.
Hubby likes to keep himself informed with current events in the Philippines, I obviously like to just blog. Lol!
I like to ask questions, Hubby prefers that I don't ask too much because he doesn't have all the answers.
We both like to help others in need, whenever we can.
We both like the same kind of music.

Hubby doesn't like it when I try new dishes. He would say it's "french-french". I don't like it when says that because I get hurt.
We both don't like it when we raise our voices to each other. But of course, who does?
He doesn't like me making faces, I don't like if he accuses me of making one.
He doesn't like it when I am too silent in the car. I don't like when he starts being paranoid again.
He doesn't like it if I nag, I don't like it if I begin nagging too. And I would just stop.
Hubby doesn't like it when I ask him questions while we are watching something. I don't like it if he just ignores most of them.
Hubby doesn't like me makulit. I don't like Hubby being too demanding.
We both dislike to argue because when we do, I always end up crying. And Hubby doesn't like to see me crying.
We both dislike going to discos. We dislike smoking either.
We also don't like pretentious people that's why we are cautious who we get close to. No, we don't judge people but it is better to be careful than to be sorry. 

There are lots more but as Marce Liz said, this post would be too long if I go on and on. So now you know me and Hubby and better. What's your likes and dislikes?

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