Fireworks Are Heavenly

>> Friday, September 13, 2013

I have always enjoyed fireworks shows... I was in awe when I saw my first spectacular and long fireworks show at the Showa Kinen park in Tachikawa, Tokyo in Japan. It was the summer of 2007. Then came the string of fireworks festivals in the succeeding years.

Each firework show is unique and beautiful in its own way and each never ceases to bring home that feeling of awe and wonder at the beauty that pyrotechniques can offer.

When we moved to Germany, I thought I would be missing out on the fireworks show but I guess I am way too favored when we found there is an annual three-day fireworks show called "Flammende Sterne" happening every summer at Scharnhauser Park in Ostfildern. Year after year, we go to the park to witness it, except for this year since we went on a summer holiday.

Since I wasn't able to watch this spectacle, I felt my summer went by incomplete. But then I saw this video shared on Facebook about a fireworks show competition held in Berlin and was again awed. I felt like I was there watching the fireworks myself. And on top of that, it was designed by Filipino contingents. I am just so happy to see it so I am sharing it here. I hope you like it.

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kimmy September 22, 2013 at 2:04 AM  

i also love fireworks! but i only like to watch from a distance because
i'm scared of fire and things that spark. so, the safer i am, the more i enjoy the display, hehe!

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