The Shape Of You

>> Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Two Sundays ago, we received a very unexpected news. A news that my father in law suddenly collapsed and was critical in the hospital. My husband had to fly immediately to the Philippines but my mother in law told me that it was the same case as Uncle Nilo's. Tatay has always had hypertension and was diligent in monitoring his BP and was very careful with what he eats. He refused however to take his maintenance medication because he felt his BP would worsen/shoot up if he failed or missed a day to take them. But then it was too late for that... :(

Tatay passed away last Tuesday due to high blood pressure aneurysm. What it is, and how it can be diagnosed and prevented you can find here.

It was such a sad and bitter day for us, especially to his two children who are both based abroad: my husband who is Germany-based and his brother who is UK-based. I guess it must have been a very long journey for my husband. I honestly wished we could be with him when he flew to the Philippines or that my brother in law can also fly back home to see Tatay for the last time but certain circumstances prevented us from doing so.

My heart still grieves at losing him... It was barely five months when we last saw him. He was always so happy and always laughing, making jokes and always tickling our little girl. Making sure his granddaughter is comfortable and happy. He always puts the needs of his family first before his needs.

Now he is gone. Finally resting and no longer feeling pain. I pray that you are now resting in peace Tatay. And I pray that the Lord will comfort the loved ones you have left behind: Nanay (my mother in law), Kuya Leo and Ate Ann and Luis, Hanhan and us.

Coincidentally, I found this song from Jewel entitled "In The Shape Of You" which perfectly describes how I felt with your passing away... I am thankful for the time given me to get to know you more. Thank you for everything... Coming home to the Philippines will never be the same again without your laughter. :( Indeed, there's a hole in our hearts in the shape of you.

Your passing was unexpected Tatay... May you find rest in the Lord, our God.

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