A Series of Beautiful
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>> Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It was a nice fine Saturday. We wanted to go hiking again before it gets too cold for our little girl so we decided to go mountain hiking up in Nebelhorn in Oberstdorf. The drive from where we live normally takes just two hours but we got stuck in traffic due to the high volume of vehicles who also wanted to do a "last day out" before the summer break ends.  The long drive got the husband irritable. We got to our destination at around two in the afternoon. We only have at least two and half hours left for our hike before the cable cars stop running. Of course we could always hike on the way down from the peak but we also had to consider the temperature and the terrain. It is okay if it were only me and my husband... but if you are with a little girl who likes to complain if she doesn't feel like doing something, then that is another story.

The cable car of the Nebelhornbahn leaving the Gipfelstation (peak station)

We reached the peak of Nebelhorn via cable car and then hiked our way down to the next station of Höfatsblick. It was only a kilometer stretch but with the steepness and the loose stones along the trail, it took us over an hour to hike as we stopped here and there for some photos. There was also a lot to see: alpine flowers in purple, yellow and white, and the  The hike down from the peak also saw us discovering the home of marmots. We spied four marmots in total and the little went nearer the rocky formations to get a closer look.

As we were moving on towards the Bergstation, I then noticed that my sunglasses were missing.. And that's when tempers flared... It's unfortunate really so my husband had to hurry and climb back up, tracing our tracks. It was nowhere to be found. I just hope it went to better hands.

Although the trip didn't turn out as wonderful as we expected it to be, I am still thankful. For the beauty of nature that we were able to behold. For the time given to spend with one another. For the memories albeit not so good....


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