Got Business Cards?

>> Monday, October 4, 2010

Many professionals find themselves unable to go on a business meeting without carrying these tiny business cards. Although mobile technology has advanced at such a rate that everything can be done wireless and "paperless", business cards are still a commodity.

Even those who are not doing any business have their own personal information cards. Why in the world would people get one? Because it is not always that one is hooked to the internet. And it is not always that people have mobile phones. And it is not always that people memorize their contact information. Just like me.

Many people tend to carry these little things because it is a way to network with other people. In this very competitive world of ours, it is always important to network and keep contact because you never know when you will need another person's assistance or advice.

So if you are thinking twice on whether you should get your personal version of a business card, just go ahead and get one. So what if not all of them keep your card or even bother to read them? There will always one person or two who is bound to read and keep it anyway.

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