Huwag Kang Mangamba

>> Thursday, December 3, 2009

I was so afraid and worried about Samantha the past six days. She had been sick and I was worried that it might be the dreaded swine-flu. But my heart tells me to have faith and trust in the Lord. In my heart, I know that He won't allow anything to happen to her. And so everyday I pray...

While we were at the hospital, I was given the opportunity to spend the entire three days with my daughter and reading the bible. While at the hospital, I was able to rest my stressed and weary body too. I guess you can call it blessing in disguise. I call it God's plan at work. And I am happy because I was able to learn something from my scripture readings. I read the entire book of Esther and 1st and 2nd Samuel and learned a little bit more about our God Almighty. He is a jealous God and a great God BUT He is faithful to His people. And I know that I should not worry because for as long as I put my trust in Him, all shall be well.

And here's a Jesuit song that has reminded me, time and again, to not be afraid:

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