Preparing for Graduate School?

>> Saturday, March 10, 2012

The competition is tough when it comes to admission to international graduate programs in prestigious and elite universities. That is why a good preparation is needed in order to get in. Being intelligent is no longer enough these days. It takes strategy, good recommendations from professors and a lot of hard work in order to be admitted into your desired program.

I never got the chance to do a gmat review when I was applying for a master's program at the university so I never will know what it was like. Fortunately for me, the graduate program that I applied to did not require it. But I bet it would have been a very different experience.

Reviewing for GMAT is not only about memorizing. It is also about how dedicated and enthusiastic your instructors are. If you have instructors who have the drive and the passion, I bet you too will be driven to do your best. Studying is actually fun if you know how to go about studying. There are actually strategies that gmat preparation centers teach that one will never learn while studying alone. Diagnostics, mock tests and feedback are also vital in gmat review preparation. Although they are not the real thing, it helps you to gauge how much you have learned and how much you still need to hurdle to succeed and attain your desired GMAT score.  

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