Station of the Cross for Children

>> Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So it is Holy Week. I wanted to do something spiritual for a change but I let the opportunity to attend a recollection pass. It was scheduled yesterday and I opted to just stay home and do housework instead. There will be a Pabasa on Thursday and Friday though and I know that we will be there to attend it. It really is different how they observe Holy Week in a foreign land. It is very much different than in the Philippines and although there are some areas that really do observe the Holy Week and perform Passion plays, the atmosphere is just different from what I have been used to as a child.

Looking back at the Catholic traditions that I have grown up to, I feel so blessed and lucky. I also want my daughter to grow up with such kind of experience because it is an important part of our being Catholics and Christians. I guess now that she is a bit bigger, I can slowly teach her about the bible and about who Jesus Christ is. And this Holy Week, I want to do the Stations of the Cross with her. I found this series of videos on YouTube that will just be the perfect material. Then we can all pray together as a family come Good Friday.

Here's the second part of the video. For some reasons, the uploader disabled the embedding of the first and third parts.

Here is wishing everyone a blessed Holy Week and a beautiful Easter celebration.

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Mel Cole May 26, 2011 at 6:37 PM  

Glad you shared about religious activities here, sis. Hope you got a good one. :)

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