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>> Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This week's theme for Couple's Corner is all about HOBBIES.

I will start off with the things that we both love: traveling & watching movies. We both are wanderlusts and when we got married, we vowed that we will visit at least one place that we have never been to in a year. But that once a year turned to almost four times a year, which I admit has taken a big chunk on our savings. Another passion we both share is watching movies. We love to watch romantic comedies, sci-fi, fantasy adventure, drama, family-related movies... well, almost all genres. Hehe! We subscribed to a monthly DVD rental and wait for the DVD to arrive by post. We also purchase DVDs from time to time, if we really love the movie.

Individually, we also have our own hobbies. Hubby is into classical guitar and go karting. Although playing the guitar per se is an inexpensive hobby, his classical guitar is not! Hehe! But we bought it as a birthday gift this year so that we have a reason to purchase it. I think it cost €899 for the guitar alone, a little too expensive as a gift but worth it nonetheless because Hubby practices everyday and plays me great music like Canon in D, Marriage D'Amor, Spanish Romance, Wonderful Tonight, Tears in Heaven among others.

I on the other hand am into digital scrapbooking, reading books and blogging. I haven't done much digital scrapbooking and reading lately because most of my time is devoted to blogging. Perhaps it is no longer a hobby... this blogging thing. It is for a living. I do have a number of digital scrapbooking projects cooked up like finishing my little girl's photobook and putting together into yearbooks the three-years+ photos that we have accumulated since we became a family. I also have a number of book titles that I have been planning to purchase but just never got around to doing yet. While I know how to do needlecrafts, I did not dare get my hands on a project because I know that it will take eons before I finish them. Lol!

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