God Of Silence

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

This song, beautiful and simple, reminds me of lots of things. My childhood, my awakening as a Christian, my reflections and retreats, my volunteer years and so much more. God may be silent but He works in mysterious ways. In the recesses of our hearts, He is there, waiting... silently waiting for us to call on Him. And although I cannot see my God, I believe, I trust, I love.

Here are the lyrics of the song:
The God of silence beckons me
To journey to my heart
Where He awaits
O Lord, I hear You calling tenderly
To You I come to gaze
At the beauty of Your face I cannot see

To rest in Your embrace I cannot feel
To dwell in Your love hurting but sweet
To be with You; to glimpse eternity

God of night, fount of all my delight.
Show Your light . . . that my heart, like Yours, burn bright.

Be still the torment of the night
Will not encumber you, if you believe
My child this darkness isn't emptiness
For here I mold your heart
Unto My image painfully you long to see

The self you yearn to be, but fear to know
The world from which you flee in Me find home
All these I give you, if you remain in Me

I am ever here
My child, you need not fear
The dark will set you free
And bring your heart to Me

The God of silence beckons me
To journey to my heart
Where He awaits me.

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